Making time for God is crucial

Growing and getting knowledge demands time. With the Bible, the Bestseller of all times we have the best guidebook for our life. We must take time to read and study it, getting to know why everything is this way, what to do and how to build up our life, in the most successful way.

For centuries the globe has turned around and brought forth generations of peoples having their own customs and having their own hopes.

Many of those gone before us have let their life pass them by, without thinking about what’s important. Do you want to go the same way as they? Are do you have better aspirations.

There are young women who face daily problems which make them challenge and question what they believe. One such young woman writes

It’s important that we reflect upon our day, week or life. We can see what God has done for us, and thank him for the things he’s done for us. {Making Time for God}

She knows that reading the Bible is a way of  hearing God’s word. She writes

Scripture guides us on what to do and how to serve the Lord. We can turn to the Bible in times of sadness, joy, worry or bereavement to hear what God says about it. {Making Time for God}

It might well be she has found her Lord but not yet the right Lord. It looks like she still is confused with whom Jesus is, what Jesus his words are and what God His Words are.

English: Isaiah; illustration from a Bible car...
Isaiah; illustration from a Bible card published by the Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we start reading the Bible we should be carefully looking to what whom is saying about what and about whom. As such we should come to hear the words of the many prophets, like Joshua, Isaiah, Jeremiah and a.o. Jesus, but none of them we may take their own words to be the Words of God. Though it is true all those prophets, together with Moses and Nehemiah also brought Words from the Elohim. And we should take those words at heart.
We even are told to take those words like the ones from Christ Jesus to be words which can educate us and form us even transform us.

The prophet Jeshua (Jesus Christ) being the sent one from God is not only declared by his heavenly Father, the Only One True God, to be the son of God, but also to be the Way to God who can give faith to those who are willing to hear his words.

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes from the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17

Too many christians are forgetting this and do not listen enough to the words of the one they say they are following.

Whatever you are, an atheist, a non-believer, a believer in some gods or elements of nature, when you would like to come to read the Book of books, you might find an incredible rich book full of stories and marvellous poetry and wisdom.

When you are prepared to give also quiet time to read and study that Book of books, the Bestseller of all times, you might become surprised how it can come to change your life. By opening your heart to the Words of those ancient writings, you may be filled with inspirational thoughts and wisdom by which you can grow as a human being.

Elissa Amelia, the above mentioned woman, writes

Quiet time with God is important, we can listen to him so that he can tell us what he wants from us. God does talk to us, but because we’re not listening we can’t hear him.

and ads from the Holy Scriptures

“He who is wise listens…” Proverbs 12:15


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  1. This article is like unto all of the articles I have read here on your site, I enjoyed the read. I am going to reblog this article for you. Thank you for taking of your time to put in this work so that those who read it may learn, shalom.


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