Creator’s star connection between heaven and earth

The centuries-old five-pointed geometric figure is most known as a symbol of the Jewish community. In this article we will outline the interpretation as well as the possible point of view for us today.

The first human beings were first placed in a beautiful Royal Garden, the Gan Eden, which had the eretz (earth) and mayim (water) and above the shomayim (heaven). From the tohu vavohu (formless emptiness) and chaos there was made an order. That order originated by the Dvar HaElohim or the Word of God, ‘His speaking‘. There was earth below and air or sky above, which can be represented by a downward triangle and an upward triangle. The two triangles merged, form a star, which refers to Divine Creation and therefore the Creator Star is also mentioned by the Catholic Church.

The star formed by the opposite triangles, or opposites, also reveals how human beings can stand in the midst of those elements, heaven and earth, which, when one turns the star, forms a circle as an image of perfection and infinity. We, as human beings, are part of this earth, but according to the Bore or Creator, we must also be part of the heavenly, through our image created in likeness with God. Originally it was envisioned that man could peacefully share forever and ever as a native of the Earth’s Paradise or the Gan Eden.

The Four Elements in the Magen David: Fire, Water, Sky (Heaven), Earth

In the royal garden man was placed to name the things and to keep in touch with the Supreme Creator.
Man had to be the link between heaven and earth. But when humans rebelled against God, he was expelled (or caust out) from the Gan from God and stood in a world of obstacles, not perfect as the Magen David or Davidstar also points to perfection and refers to Fire, Water, Sky (heaven), Earth.

Genesis 3:22-24 OJB And Hashem Elohim said, See, HaAdam is become like one of Us, knowing tov v’rah; and now, lest he put forth his yad, and take also of HaEtz HaChayyim, and eat, and chai l’olam (live forever); (23) Therefore Hashem Elohim sent him forth from the Gan Eden, to work haadamah from which place he was taken. (24) So He drove out HaAdam; and He placed miKedem (at the east) of the Gan Eden HaKeruvim, and a flaming cherev which was ever-turning, to be shomer over the Derech Etz HaChayyim (the Way of the Tree of Life, see Yn 14:6 on Derech).

Because of the breach of the relationship with God, human beings would now need a shield for protection. God was kind enough to provide such protection and promised that a mighty king would rise from the zera of his anointed king David. That seed of David would give evidence to mankind that a person could live up to the wishes of God.

Kabbalistic Tree of Life with Ten Sefirot

The symbols we now call here and the idea behind it must be seen as a philosophical approach and our human representation by imagery where otherwise we would need a lot of words. The esoteric thinking about God and the universe, which would have been conveyed as a revelation to chosen or targeted persons from a long past, and which would have been delivered to only a few privileged people, brought with the Kabbalah early forms of Jewish mysticism and empirical teaching, with multiple symbols being proposed and the hexagram symbolizing the six directions of space, the divine union of male and female energy and the four elements.

The pentagram or pentacle is a five-pointed star, which is one of the oldest symbols in the world: it has been used for more than 4000 years before Christ. The name is derived from the Greek πεντάγραμμον pentagrammon, which means five lines. In Greece, the pentagram is also called five-fold, five alphas, because there are five A’s to be recognized.

One could find the symbol of Solomon’s seal and in the royal houses of Ethiopia and Aksum (Yemen) at the descendants of the Queen of Seba (Bilqis).

The Sefer Yetzira (“Book of Creation”), the oldest known Hebrew text on white magic and cosmology, was quoted in the 6th century and commented in the 10th century. Referring to creation, one must mention that symbolic representation as an indication of orderly structure of equilibrium. God had created everything in balance, but humans brought it in imbalance.

The Mogein Dovid (Mogen Dovid or Star of David) is also important in the Rastafarian and Messianic Christian faith groups or Hebrew Christian movement. The Davidstar is also used by many (like myself) as a symbol for divine connection with God and His chosen people (Israel or the Jewish people).

Occidentally, she already appeared in antiquity. According to tradition, the symbol of stems from the time of David and Solomon having been ornament in the temple of  Jerusalem. The sign can also be found  on a vault of a 3rd / 4th century synagogue, . From the 15th century, under the influence of the mystique of Izaak Loeria (Isaac Luria), it was found many times as a colophon in Jewish printed works.

Unlike the Menorah, the seven-leafed candlestick, the Lion of Judah (symbol of the tribe of Judah), the ramshorn shofar (shophar or sjoufer) and the palm-tree bunch of lulav (Loelav or Lolav), the star of David was never a unique Jewish symbol.

In 1354, the King of Bohemia Emperor Charles IV provided to the Jews of Prague with a red flag with both the shield of David and the seal of Solomon. The red flag with which Jews met the King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary in the 15th century showed two pentagrams with two golden stars.

In the 19th century there was an important student of the English Dr. John Thomas, who received several followers, and as Charles Taze Russell entered the history, becoming known as the founder of a large group of American Bible researchers from which the International Bible Students Association came. Many mistakenly assume that Russell would have been the founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as having been a glorifier of pyramids and pagan symbols. But the pyramid that is so known around his person and his grave has to do with the symbol of heaven or for what is above the earth. (See the two middle figures.)

Leased image composition from the article Even More ‘Heaven and Earth’ Star of David Bible References by The Star of David
Nazi Jewish label in Belgium with in the Star of David a J for Jood, Juif, Jude or Jew – Davidster (B) met J voor Jood-Juif-Jude-Jew

In the 20th century, the star was used as a “star of Jews” in a yellow background to distinguish the Jews from the rest of the population and to make it easier for them to pick up, deport, and finally eradicate.

Fortunately, that horrendous period has been closed and the symbol is no longer used to “outcast” or “scramble” the Jewish people.

In 1948 the symbol was placed on the flag for the modern state of Israel.

The hexagram or “Star of David“, which became a symbol of Judaism in the modern period and was placed on the flag of Israel in 1948.

In several synagogues one can find the Star of David as an ornament on the front or in the interior (often at the aaron hakodesj or sacred arch). Some Chared or Haredi (ultra-orthodox) Jews (or Haredim), such as the world’s largest chassis movement, the Satmar, and the charity-Jewish organization Netoeré Karta or Neturei Karta, do not use the symbol because it could be associated with Zionism, against which they oppose. They even pursue the dismantling of the state of Israel, convinced that Jews are forbidden to have their own state until the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

Today, in addition to the insight of the heavenly element that strives toward the earth (the triangle with the point down), some see the earthly element that strives toward heaven (the triangle with the point upward) there is heavenly rule over the four worldly Wind directions in both top and bottom. According to another explanation, the triangle with the upward point would symbolize the male, the triangle with the point down the female.

We would more call to see the symbolic value of the unity that we as a human being should try to achieve and where the House of Israel and the House of Judah have to unite into one unity living together in the ‘Tent of David’. We seek to restore those lost values of balance between water, fire, earth and heaven and our broken relationship with the Creator, which must be restored and where we must seek that recovery and look forward to that promised Land.

Gradually, we see a ‘process of succession’ meeting us and raising our hope that the expected time is near or even already arrived.

Let’s cherish together this happy hope and work together to get everything restored in honor.


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