Availability of Jeshuaists on Facebook

From August 2017 Jeshuaists came connectible via some websites and Facebook accounts, pages and a group.

Since a few days those who want to follow me on Facebook can do that by connecting to my personal account Immanuel Verbondskind or by connecting to the Jeshuaists Facebookpage or for those who want to debate about certain matters there is now also the Jeshuaists Group.

By connecting to my Personal Facebook account people should know they when they ask to be friended and when they are accepted, shall be able to view my own personal interpretations and reactions to certain events. Because it is considered a private place I shall be feeling free to utter my own ideas freely. It shall not be a place for heave debate, because for that there shall be the Facebook Group Jeshuaists.

For those who would love to receive a regular update of what is published by me or my colleagues on the different websites, Jeshuaist, Jeshua-ists-Jeshuaisten and on this website, there is the Jeshuaist page where messages from Jeshuaists are bundled and interesting reading material is proposed.



Additional reading concerning Jeshuaists:

On: Our world: Jeshuaists or followers of Jeshua

About Jeshuaists

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