Immanuel’s first two years of blogging on WordPress

Looking at my starting years at WordPress

fireworks-180553_640When people go from one year into an other often they use fireworks to celebrate the new year.

In certain cultures, like by the Chinese there is a fight against a mythical beast called the “Year” which can be frightened by lots of noise and lights. Fireworks also by many peoples are traditionally used to scare the demons and as such to make the path free for all to go into a new period free of worries.

In 2017 I could put on the fireworks to celebrate me being here on WordPress presenting articles for one year.

On the 23rd of December 2016 i placed my “First blog post” in the hope to

“bring a message of peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquillity”

Home page of the original Immanuel Verbondskind site theme on December 23 of 2016
Home page of the original Immanuel Verbondskind site theme on December 23 of 2016

I started of with a WordPress theme I liked, though when an other writer or guest-speaker joined me to offer some guest-writings I noticed the names of the authors where not given. Therefore I went looking for other themes which could please me. Of the try-outs there where some which pleased me and made me wonder which one to chose.

Immanuel (theme Able)
Immanuel (theme Able)
Coloured Able theme December 2016 Immanuel blog
Coloured Able theme December 2016 Immanuel blog

Have a look at what I tried.


After having tried several themes I went back to the original theme and could find now the authors names mentioned. Therefore the Able theme was also put aside and back to the Affinity theme.

In my first month of blogging, the last month of 2016, I published 14 posts on which I got 323 views from 164 visitors who gave me 6 likes and 34 comments. In those writings I concentrated on the major motivator for bringing this blog, namely the Word of the Most High Elohim.

The intention of me is getting people to come to see Who that Most High Divine Being is and how we do have to come to love and worship Him, but also how He is always present to guide people and to lead them to His Kingdom.

He has given the most precious library, the book of books or Holy Scriptures we should take at heart. Therefore I commenced by explaining how we should come to read those precious ancient books but also to tell how careful we must be not to take the additional notes from men as being part of God’s Word.

Best to read and study the Bible” opened the series on Reading the bible, which started with “How to Read the Bible“, followed by 6 sequels.

I also started with pointing out that when a person is called Immanuel, like Jesus is, this does not mean that he must be God, like so many Christians argue. Being called Immanuel I can assure you that I am not God, in the same way as Jesus was not or is not God. But when so many allege that Jesus is god I am interested in examining why this is such a popular claim.

Many religions purport they are worshipping God, but I love to find out if that is really so and if they worship than that God in the way that God would like it or if it is more that those religious people are following traditional human ideas and men’s teachings instead of following the teachings of God presented to us by the Words of God in the Holy Scriptures.

That research for the Biblical Truth has therefore been the impetus for this blog.

(The original post “My first year at WordPress”  I had forgotten to post and as such I changed the title and present here an update for 2018, December 31)

The first month (in 2016) 14 posts were published, which got 323 views. In 2017 27 additional articles managed to reach 755 views and going into its second year of existence I got 1678 views, having published 25 new articles, for all the time reaching mostly American viewers (1482), with 258 from Japan and 137 form the United Kingdom. the Netherlands brought me only 87 viewers and Belgium only  55.

Today being the last day of 2018 I do hope I may continue to reach more people in the coming New Year and do hope to find you here also on several occasions, giving you some extra food for thought.


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4 thoughts on “Immanuel’s first two years of blogging on WordPress

    1. Thanks for sharing this poem.

      May I bring you to the attention that I do not believe that Seraphims will be reinstalled with suicide bombs and missiles and drones instead of flaming swords and that God will try again elsewhere. The Elohim shall come to see that everything will be good and as such shall come the seventh day and God shall rest with a joyful heart.


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