The secular year coming to a close

As the secular year comes to a close, we may look at a new year full of hope and for many also with a lot of resolutions being set.

On this day, December 31, 1530 leaders of several German Protestant states closed a meeting in the little town of Schmalkalden, in Saxony, Germany, stating its grievances, it had agreed to form a League to resist the Holy Roman Emperor if he tried to compel them to abandon the Reformation. The leaders immediately wrote to other nations, asking them to join the league or at least offer it their assistance.

On December 31, 1782 David Zeisberger began his diary entry for this day with the words

“We closed the year with praise and thanks to the Lord for all his goodness and for the kindnesses the Savior had done us in rescuing us from so many dangers and in being so heartily interested for us, but we confessed to him our transgressions and shortcomings and begged forgiveness of all our sins.”

The clock ticks the last few hours of 2018. As the secular year comes to a close, in the best instance many believers are recommitting themselves to pursuing God with all of their might, to be more fervent in prayer, and to diligently seek to be a blessing to others in the coming year.

Having been created in the image of God we should have our body shine in the darkness of this world. Our body being part of our sacred being, the place where our Godly spark resides, we should be willing to let others see that spark. It is our obligation of protecting and maintaining the treasured gift we were entrusted with: our body. {reminds us Rabbi Simon Jacobson}

Sometimes we can feel like we should start all over again. This might be very difficult. But by coming to a new year it is not bad to have some resolutions to take in mind. It is also not a bad time to show to others how we prefer to be committed to the Most High Elohim and not to be partakers of the many pagan traditions we can see around us taking place.

One true test of our walk with God is living a Spirit-led life in the midst of a secular world.

Looking at what goes on in this world we can see some very interesting signs which make us to believe we are coming close to certain times. There may be happening many bad things in this world but we have also good reason to focus not on the negative when we can choose to say, “Baruch HaShem” and praise God for all the wonderful and amazing things He has done in the reborn State of Israel, which has only existed since 1948 — a fulfilment of prophecies in the Bible.

In the War of Independence in 1948, Israel’s enemies outnumbered her four to one!  And yet she triumphed because God miraculously intervened!
Even today, the Jewish people of Israel are surrounded by hostile neighbours 60 times their population!  And yet, Israel continues to thrive.

May I ask you to look forward in the positive way and to see all the great things the Hashem does for His children. Let us share that goodness with many others. And let us together in unity connect to community, have energy to give others, fulfil mitzvot, and continue to learn something every day.

In 2019 let us show to others we want to partner with God.

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