Secularisation and Assignments given for all people

In Western Europe the last two decades we have seen lots of people leaving their church, but also doubting the essence of God.
People should know that God gave His Word not to have a creation of institutions or churches, but to guide mankind so that they could be liberated from all sorts of chains.

Time to recognise how to treat each other and our environment

While the secularisation in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) continues, this does not mean that those ‘church leavers’ no longer believe in Hashem and do not want to be inspired by the Torah again. On the contrary, many adhere to this, but can no longer be persuaded by certain dogmas and theologies.

Many of these ‘church leavers’ are ‘truth seekers’ who were known within their communities to constantly ask questions and not to be persuaded by arguments based on authority. Many of those seekers came questioning their church leaders and were surprised so many church-leaders of their own so called Christian Church had not recoiled from engaging in illicit sexual acts with, among others, young people.

The unwanted intimacies of certain church leaders in the Christian faith caused many believers to continue asking questions, especially when they saw how the church leaders were able to turn around and did not severely punish paedophiles.

Those people who left their Christian church should know they did not have to leave God, because He has nothing to do with those terrible acts. On the other hand, those Christians who are stuck with the attitude of their church leaders should now recognize that it is high time to examine the thoroughness or honesty of their faith group. They should come to see what the Bible has to say about our way of life and how we have to treat each other and how we have to treat our environment.

According to the sages of Israel, the Most High Eternal Supreme Being has not only given orders to Israel, but to all people. Therefore God does not direct Himself to us alone but calls everybody to come to Him. We should spread that thought of the Only One Who is calling mankind to “turn”. All people should come to see we are in times for changing.

The Eternal God commanded man: … – Genesis 2:16

These are not just the ten commandments, because they were only addressed to the people who once were a slave in Egypt, as is clear from the opening words:

I am the Eternal, your God, who has executed you from the land of Egypt, from the slave house. Exodus 20: 2

But of course there are many similarities. Those looking for better values in life should know that the Bore gave enough instructions and guidance to make the best out of life. According to the Jewish tradition, there is a minimum limit of seven assignments for all mankind with which peace of the world can be achieved, without completely negating the differences that exist in the world. The assignments for all people are:

  1. The prohibition of idolatry in all its forms
  2. The prohibition of blasphemy
  3. The prohibition of murder
  4. The prohibition of sexual immorality
  5. The prohibition of theft
  6. The ban on eating a part of a living animal
  7. The command to set up courts

Those who left their ‘Christian church’ have often seen how many gods, saints and images were worshipped, which is not in accordance with the main instruction of God or one of God’s most important rules of life. Having seen how much sexual immorality was present in their church they found enough reasons to leave that church.

For ‘truth seekers’ there is now more than one physical and virtual Jewish study house available with all sorts of Jewish activities. Those who want to know the Biblical Truth are welcome to come to study the D’var Torah in the few places around but also by following the text material at different websites.

It would be lovely if more people would come to see how the Elohim Hashem Jehovah is a loving God Who has given His Word for all mankind, and not for just a few selected. Those who feel to belong to the Chosen People have received the task to show others how man has to behave properly in the universe created by their God. It is by our example and by showing the Dvar Hashem or Word of God, that we should bring other people also to come to recognise our God and have them come to see His Plan with the world.

All visitors definitely have the freedom to form their own opinions and to shape their own (religious) life. The Jewish and Biblical lessons our brethren may give to all who want to hear and receive, serve as inspiration and should not form any binding.

Me too, with my writings, presented here and on my Jeshuaist-site, like the writings from other Jeshuaists, want to show how we all have the opportunity to be liberated from the chains of this world. When disgusted with what goes on in your church, you should know this should never be a reason to abandon your faith in God nor in His prophets, messengers and workers.


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