For abused people

In the previous years when church leaders misused their function and power lots of people became abused and became disillusioned in the ecclesiastical institution. Many of those hurt by actions of priests and bishops lost faith in the Church but therefore not yet in God, though many came to doubt His existence and His love for them.

For several people what they thought would be a nice safe haven turned out to be a hell of humiliation. Horrible, egregious acts against them were often belittled by those around them and often they were told they did not understand or exaggerated. Blatant, in their face truths were concealed, congealed, hidden, painted over, shoved under until the victim of abuse lost, truly, all sense of what was actually happening.

For such people who feel they were left in the cold, they should know that God never abandoned them.

To recover from abuse then, one must learn to not only recognize the truth, but also have this truth supported and acknowledged. Those abused can and will, at times, recognize the truth, only to be then told by the abuser how wrong this awareness of the truth is. Therefore he or she should come to have enough strength and knowledge of the Book of books, those abusers often claim to follow, that it are they (the abusers) who live not according to what they are preaching nor to what the Bible tells us what to do.

Part of the recovery from abuse is rebuilding one’s ability to see the truth and to trust in one’s view of the truth. This can take years, thousands of conversations, as many calls for reassurance, and the continual replay of events as the one abused tries to form some solidity and trust in his or her own capabilities for truth recognition.

Without this building of up self-truth assessment, the victim of abuse can still, too easily, be vulnerable and manipulated.

Anyone who has suffered from abuse needs the time and patience of others to listen to their truth and help them rebuild a sense of understanding of the truth both within and without. Sufferers of abuse must also be patient with themselves as this skill is reconstructed. It may take years, it may take months, but without this trust, one attempts to navigate the world without the foremost guide- the guide of self-truth. {One Thing that Sufferers of Abuse Need}

For those who left their church, be it the Roman Catholic Church or a protestant church, we do hope they did not come to leave God behind. Part of the healing is coming to see how people may be hurt or wounded by other people, but that there is a healing Master and Some One Who is willing to help any person in need to learn from what he underwent and to use it for the better.

For sure, we do not want to belittle bad experiences. One can not ignore that abuse and trauma always shall leave an imprint throughout one’s life in both big and small ways. Children who were abused and had put those thoughts back in their mind of oblivion, are often confronted with those bad experiences again when becoming older (after their fifties) Even when they could recover the bad remembrances would come back again. Though the way to live with it can totally be changed. Realizing how the imprint may be still stamping its way across one’s life, each victim should know there is a way of liberation and solace.

When one finds the way back to the True Word of God, people shall find they can put lots of bad experiences aside and come to live with it, even being able to help others to come over it. Everybody should know that the Dvar Hashem is a life giver, an energy boost, a creator of inner peace. And that inner peace we do have to find to feel happy.

We all should know nobody can escape the difficulties of life; In some way we all shall have some bad experiences. We all shall have some dark moments in our life.  We also should know we not always can control everything in life.

Abuse victims think they must control everything in life, because it is the only hope they have of escaping the abuse. {What we can Learn from those who are Not Abused}

It would be wrong to take all guilt on ourself or to feel that you have failed. A person would have failed if he or she would not have learned from certain experiences and when she or he would have ‘drowned’ in the bad experiences of life. The ones who went on and went further are the ones who gained and can become stronger. And stronger is what we do have to get.

self-hate, and overwhelming self-judgment and guilt are not “givens” for living the good life. {What we can Learn from those who are Not Abused}

On our way in life we do have to learn, all in an other way. As such we have to learn a great deal from those who have walked our paths. At other times, we should know that we can also be equally blessed to be shown a completely different path.

The elohim Hashem prepared a Great Book of books for all people. Everybody is free to take it at hand and to learn from it. It has several life lessons and as such is also the best guide to walk us through life.



Secularisation and Assignments given for all people


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