Thinking ahead before Rosh Hashanah

Elul, the month to reflect and to prepare oneself to perfect oneself plus preparing oneself to enter a new phase in facing the Elohim, coming closer into the Divine presence.

Looking back with the intention to set the wrong things right we also should look forward and investigate how we can contribute to the wellbeing and well-going for the following months.

We have to see that each of us, all individuals together forming a community can make that community better and stronger. What is our role in helping to make it happen? We can improve our lives by reflecting on the 12 months of the Hebrew calendar and the major ideas we can garner from them.

This Rosh Hashanah think ahead by exploring 12 messages gleaned from the months of the Jewish year. They comprise a magnificent curriculum for leading a good life as viewed from a Torah perspective.

As I wrote in the last few postings I dare to ask myself about my own attitude and about my position in this world as well as in my capability to contribute to changes around myself but also changing myself.

Every Rosh Hashanah starts with the commandment for personal introspection. Every New Year, as we consider the fate of the world, God demands of us to review our own lives, to reflect upon our personal failings, and to begin a process of repentance.

Therefore before entering the “new year” we retrospectively can look at the world around us and search our heart in which way we want to fit in it all.

The world is nothing more than a conglomeration of individuals – and when we think of its failings we need first to beat our own breasts in confession and contrition.

The true test of our character is the way in which we treat the “every day” moments of our existence. This month we check if we managed to treat those “every day” moments of our existence in the right way. Each one of us received the knowledge of good and evil and has to make the right choice every day over and over again. That is one of the tasks in our life. When we will succeed we shall feel fine. Getting older the reflection and looking back on the past years shall give us satisfaction and enough impulses to continue our way. That also shall give us enough reason not to allow despair and depression to become part of our life.

All efforts that we make every year shall make it we do not have to worry to come to face our King in the field. Stopping with our daily activities to take extra time to think about our relationship with God we now also take time to repent. Some may think that they have already strayed too far, but they should know that God is a loving God, willing to see people coming close to Him, with the willingness to face Him. What prevents us from getting closer to God is our assumption that the distance between us is too great to be spanned. Elul reassures us. God’s love for us is so great that no matter where we stand today we are still welcomed into the Divine presence if only we choose to move a step forward.


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1. Tishrei: Perfect Yourself

2. Cheshvan: Make Every Day Count

3. Kislev: Fight with Light

4. Teves: Breaking the Walls

5. Shvat: Silent New Beginnings

6. Adar: Hidden Miracles

7. Nissan: Centrality of Family

8. Iyar: Centrality of Israel

9. Sivan: Centrality of Torah

10. Tammuz: Broken Tablets

11. Av: God is Our Father

12. Elul: Divine Love



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