Another Jewish Voice on Trump’s plan: No peace without equality and mutual respect

As we have become accustomed to the 45th president of America, he has pulled up the sheet and pulled Nethanyanu in his cart to create a plan with popular Israeli measures without taking into account the Palestinians in the talks for planning the state of Israel.

Normally when people want to come to an agreement, they come together. In a conflict, when two parties do not find a solution and a mediator is called in to help, one expects that both parties sit around the table and that the mediator tries to work at finding a solution which shall be righteous for both parties and shall be acceptable for both parties.

The American president who likes to interfere with anything and thinks he is the very best problem solver, has also put his teeth on the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

In a glaring spectacle of colonial hubris, American and Israeli leaders – without any Palestinian partners – have presented a plan allegedly aimed to settle the historical conflict in Israel-Palestine, completely ignoring Palestinian needs and interests. Proudly Donald Trump told the world that he was the only one who, after all those years of conflict, could resolve the problem for once and for all.
That he nor his collocutor found it necessary to call on to the Palestinians to discuss the matter may be called at least: weird.

Looking at the ‘Plan’ we can clearly see how Trump wanted to please the current president of Israel.
The plan aims to suppress Palestinian aspirations for independence and freedom, to confine the Palestinians to an Apartheid-like system of Bantustans, and to null the rights of the Palestinian refugees.

This spectacle is aimed to assist Trump and Netanyahu to gain public popularity as they both face serious corruption allegations and upcoming elections. At the same time, the unilateral character of their steps is aimed to put the blame on Palestinian leadership for their refusal to take part in this futile spectacle. It nurtures the Israeli sense of entitlement to annex parts of the occupied territories and trade the citizenship of its Arab-Palestinian residents, which unfortunately seems to be shared both by Netanyahu File:Israel Resilience Party horizontal logo.pngand his main contester in the coming elections Benny Gantz, who established in 2018 a new political party named Hosen L’Yisrael or Israel Resilience.

The denial of the basic human rights of Palestinians is against the most fundamental values of humanism and equality that Jeshuaists and several Jews with a.o. “Een Andere Joodse Stem/Another Jewish Voice” (EAJS) is committed to. “Een Andere Joodse Stem/Another Jewish Voice”  and we share this Emblem of the United Nations.svgcommitment with the United Nations and with most countries across the globe, and call them to reject Trump’s plan outright. EAJS will continue to struggle against the oppression and de-humanization of Palestinians, and for justice in response to the historical wrongs committed by the state of Israel. This is the only way to establish the basis for equality and mutual respect between Palestinians and Israelis, and to secure peace and prosperity in the area.


Dutch version / Nederlandstalige versie: Nog een Joodse stem op het plan van Trump: geen vrede zonder gelijkheid en wederzijds respect


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