Even in Corona time You are called on to have the seder

Before the Israelites escaped Egypt they solemnly prepared themselves for their escape and had the seder in their closed circle, what we shall have to do in 2020 as well.

To protect yourself and others from the new coronavirus (Covid-19) the Belgian government has imposed measures to avoid spreading this disease.

Private and public activities of a cultural, social, festive, folkloric, sporting and recreational nature are like religious services prohibited, except for funerals and cremations. Therefore, this year it shall be impossible to follow-up God’s mitzvah to come together with many to remember His protection and guidance of His People.

Travelling by car must be strictly avoided and people are advised to avoid contact with others and keeping social distance. Because everybody should stay at home at most to avoid contact with other people who do not live under the same roof, this year Pesach shall have to be celebrated differently.

You are called on to have the seder and the Passover holiday only with the nuclear family that is with you now. That is, only with those who are already with you at home because a small seder is a safe seder. Together you should go over the readings and think about the times the Elohim helped His people, bringing them or keeping them in safety.

This year, more than ever, we will adopt the Passover festival of our forefathers in Egypt: Passover in houses. Every father and mother will have Passover with the children that live with them in the same house with strict observance, of course, of the rules of hygiene. > Only with those who are now with you in the house.
Further witnessing shall have to happen by means of electronic internet applications.



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