A healthy world to come

People would be surprised when they would come to be assured that it is possible to come to live in a truly healthy universe. That is possible when all human beings will realise that we all need one another.

Today it looks we are in a real mess. Not only do we have the CoViD-19 pandemic troubling people all over the world. Not only in Libanon did fall more than 100 deaths and more than 1 000 wounded people by an explosion. In many places, people have to face severe flooding and food shortages.

Many Lebanese are wondering whether Tuesday’s explosion will kill the small bankrupt country that covers only a quarter of the surface of the Netherlands. The massive explosion in the port of Beirut has hit a country in a chronic political crisis,
that it can no longer pay its debts, where at least a quarter of the working population is unemployed and where almost one and a half million Syrian refugees live. The population has risen to seven million in recent years.

When we look at how everything goes in this world, we can not say that man succeeded in making something good of this world. He clearly seems to have failed in his trials to construct a liveable habitat for man and animal.

Everywhere in the world, we can find people who say they do not want “the others”. Many peoples are against foreigners coming to live in “their country”. Several thousands of refugees are eagerly looking to find a world where there is less violence than in their country. They look for a “heaven on earth”. But is it possible to find such a “heaven” here on earth? Are people willing to make a heaven of their place?

Some imagine that in a perfect world there will be no distinctions of poor and wealthy, haves and have-nots. All will be the same.

Heaven forbid we should live in such a world.

A healthy world is one in which I do not have what you have and you do not have what I have—and so we both need one another.

In a truly healthy universe, all human beings will realise that we all need one another. May that be very soon.

Paraphrase of Igrot Kodesh, vol. 13, p. 234.

In a certain way, each of us is personally responsible for the world he or she is willing to create around himself or herself. More than we can imagine, we do have a lot in our own hands. It only demands a certain look and attitude to look at the differences in this world and not to see them as a treat, but as a richness in this world.

It is wrong to think we all do have to be the same or have to have all the same things. We do not have to be all lookalikes from each other. There is no need to have millions of clones or dead ringers. Imagine when we would have multiple doppelgängers. Even for the partner for the first man from the earth the Elohim did not create a replica. Though both of them were placed in a perfect world and were to be part of a perfect world. In that perfect world of the Adonai there was a variety of animals and plants in a variety of colours.

For millennia man tried to find a different form of governing. All sorts of systems were tried out, but none seemed to bring the hope of a resolution to have a world where everybody could live in peace. Would this mean, peace shall never be in our reach?

No! It can be possible in our system of times (or system of things), to be able to find a better way of living, if we are prepared to accept differences, inequality and are willing to regard everybody a human being with equal rights as ourselves.

With the knowledge that God has a Plan with this world, we can try to fit in, in that Plan. We can look for ways to live according to God’s Law. When more people do so, it would already be a much better place for all, even for those who do not love God.

There is a lot of reason to take this crisis to change. We have to find a better way to live in accordance with nature. Man has to find again a balance between his economical and social life, but also a balance with nature, using the right products in the most ecological way. This makes that we should take into account the ecological footprint of products. Also for products, we have used, once not necessary we should consider giving them to others or should come to share more materials with each other. In the world to come, we must do more to share.

We must accept that there are those who have more, who are more wealthy as us, but also that there are those who are less wealthy as us. When we can help the poor we should get them to have better prospects. Helping the poor is part of our duties. Tsedaka must be part of our daily life. Benevolence or generosity toward others or toward humanity and Indulgence or forbearance in judging others shall have to be our guidance to accept those around us who have less or more. We have love directed first toward God but also toward oneself and one’s neighbours as objects of God’s love. sharing the love of God with others shall have them react differently and when we can gain them by our example of a ‘godly life’ we can succeed to have those around us finding that better way of life.

Let us share that feeling of godly unity and show the world how we all need each other to construct a better place to live.

It doesn’t matter what happens to you, what matters is what you do with it.

As long as we live in this world with this system, we have to find ways to  cope with the stress of being able to balance everything we must do like paying bills, meeting the needs of family, and still trying to accomplish all that we would like to accomplish. Therefore, there is a great need to study our priorities; go after first what is most important and then like the domino effect, our items on the task list start to fall one after another.

No matter what, we can rest assured that the future will be better than the past if we prepare each day with our Most High Elohim. Giving ourselves in His Hands we shall be guided. When we set time apart for Him that shall not be a lost time, but shall giving us the insight to gain time and to gain more quality of life.
There is much good reason to lean on the grace of Jehovah; making course corrections along the way with the confidence to step ahead. Step by step improving our surroundings and making it better for us and those around us.

It may be not such easy times now, but there is no time to be sad about it and to let ourselves pulled down.

We are not in this world to be sad. We are here to live. So, let’s just not waste our lies with focusing on wrong things. {Gratefulness and Point of Focus}


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