Romanian malai cake

A maize dish for dessert from the wide plains of the Romanian countryside or from Transilvania, a cake reminiscent of childhood and of holidays spent in the countryside.

Vered Guttman is an Israeli chef and food writer living in Washington DC. Her columns on Israeli and Jewish food appeared in Haaretz for six years. Vered’s writing was also published in the Washington Post, Slate, Moment Magazine and others.

She presents a cornbread-like cake from the Romanian cuisine this year for Shavuot. In Romanian you say “malai” for corn.

Those who had grandparents in Transylvania, grew up with a simple but delicious dessert called sweet cornmeal cake. It is an uncomplicated recipe, for which you only need to mix the ingredients and put the composition into the oven.

Vered Guttman writes

Malai, or alivenci, is a cornbread-like cake from the Romanian cuisine. The large amount of cheese and sour cream in the batter makes it a favorite for Shavuot.

Please do find the recipe: Romanian malai cake

Romanian malai cake



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