Bringing over with a voice

Several of our people may be afraid to come outside and to come to speak about the Elohim Hashem Jehovah. Nothing should stop us to tell others about our great love the Most High Elohim. We must make God’s Voice resound over mountains and valleys and give it all glory and honour.


All people are given the gift to hear The Kol of Elohim or Voice of the Highest. But not all want to hear that Voice.

Those who believe in the Bore and want to treasure His Voice, have the sacred scrolls to clasp or embrace and to let those words go deeper in their heart. We do know that all human teaching goes away and is always dependent on the spirit of the times to be recognised as a worthy voice. But for the majority of the world, the Voice of God is not One to listen to. For many, it is not a Voice to be taken seriously. We do know better.

When we have that Word of God near to our heart, we should know that we may not just keep it to ourselves. We have to share it with people around us. Our grandparents and parents may have been silenced in the previous century, but that does not mean the voice of the Children of God is gone. B’nei Elohim are still present. There have been people who thought they could silence God’s People, but they had forgotten that the Elohim protects His People. Am Segullah is kicking and well again, standing with the heads high. Always there have people who God liked and whom He chose to do things for Him.

The One Who is from the beginning and shall be to the last, is the unchangeable Master of everything, Who allows living but also Who makes to disappear or to be forgotten.

Rev 1:8 OJB Ani Hu the Aleph and the Tav, says Hashem Adonoi, the One who is and the One who was and the One coming, Adonoi Tzivos (L-rd of armies). [Shemot 3:14; Yeshayah 41:4; Amos 3:13; 4:13 Targum Ha-Shivim]

Like He is eternal, His Word is also eternal. Like He wants Himself to be known He also wants His Word to be known. And that Word should be a lamp for many feet.

Psa 119:105-106 OJB

? Nun

Thy word is a ner unto my feet, ohr unto my path. (106) I have sworn a shevuah, and I will perform it, that I will keep Thy righteous mishpatim.

For everyone who thirsts, there is that Word to listen to, so that their soul shall delight itself in richness, able to live. We have all those scrolls as a sign of an everlasting covenant. We have been given king David for a witness to the peoples, a leader and commander to the peoples.  The nation so many wanted to destroy shall rise again, because of Jehovah their Elohim. For the Holy One of Israel sounds the call to the nations so that the Most High might be found. People have to seek Jehovah while He may be found. Every time of day and night people should call on Him while He is near.

Isa 55:6 OJB Seek ye Hashem while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is karov (near);

Evil shall not be gone, but we shall have the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts. It is up to lovers of God to help others to find Him so that they too can return to the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, so that the Adonai will have mercy on them; and to the glory of our God, for He will freely pardon.

Isa 55:7-8 OJB Let the rasha forsake his derech, and the ish aven his machshevot; and let him return unto Hashem, and He will have rachamim upon him; and to Eloheinu, for He will abundantly pardon. (8) For My machshevot are not your machshevot, neither are the darkhei (ways) of you the darkhei of Me, saith Hashem.

Being aware that the thoughts of God are not similar to ours we can only try to figure them out by reading His Words. By studying the Scriptures we can try to come to know and come to understand God’s thoughts and ways. That shall be necessary because what comes from above shall be more valuable and higher than the words from the earth.

Isa 55:9 OJB For as Shomayim is higher than ha’aretz, so are the darkhei of Me higher than the darkhei of you, and My machshevot than your machshevot.

In the Scriptures we have the Word that goes out of God’s mouth: Which shall not return to Him void, but will accomplish that which Jehovah pleases, and it will prosper in the things He sent it to do.

Isa 55:11 OJB So shall My Davar (the Word of Hashem) be that goeth forth out of My mouth; He shall not return unto Me reikam (empty, void) but He [the Davar Hashem, see Yn 1:1,14] shall do that which I please, and He [the Davar Hashem] shall accomplish the purpose whereto I sent Him.

Being pleased that we may have the Word of Hashem, we should not only cherish it but make others also foster it. We also do not have to wait for spectacular sounds. The Words may come to us in tiny bits and pieces. Like in the past, men of God stood high up onto the mountain, we can be like them waiting for a sign of God. Yes, we have to go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Adonai. And, behold, before we know it shall be like a great and strong wind renting the mountains, and braking in pieces the rocks before the Elohim. (1Kings 19:11-12)  The prophet Elijah was taking refuge in a cave. It was during that time, that he heard a still small voice. Wherever we may be, in whatever circumstance, we should have the courage to speak about our God and spread His Word.

People should be careful not to let outside circumstances take the place of the Voice of God. So often people also prefer to listen to what other people are saying, without checking it with the Bible. That way we notice a lot of people are mislead and by following human teachings instead of Biblical teachings miss God altogether. God spoke to his prophet in a still small voice. There are times when God will speak to you when everything around you is calm and quiet.

Also in those quiet moments, we should have an ear for the Most High. Today especially, in a time where less and less people have an interest in God, we should dare to come forward and share with others what we hear from God. We should become useful vessels in this world bringing the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.

When you are afraid to speak out, Rav Avigdor Miller has perhaps a solution on overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

How could I learn to overcome my fear of public speaking?

First of all, make sure you have something to say; that’s number one.

And then when nobody is listening, give a speech in private.  Practice talking in private.  If you’re a capable person, if you’re a baal machshavos, you’ll be able to say something. You learned seforim, so why not?  Practice talking.

And I’ll give you some advice now. It’s worth a lot of money but I’m giving it to you free of charge. I never did it myself, but it’s worth doing.  Take anything, a Yiddish newspaper if you speak Yiddish or an English newspaper if you prefer. You only need one; don’t buy another one anymore; just one time. And you should do as follows.

Read it five minutes a day aloud and speak every consonant aloud. If you speak Yiddish, redt klahr un deitlich yedden vort, yedder ois un mit der tzeit vest du veren a no’em (the Rav was careful to say the words slowly and enunciate every consonant as he spoke). Speak clearly and enunciate every letter and you’ll train yourself to be a speaker.  Yeshiva boys, pay attention because someday it’ll come in handy.  Learn how to speak in public by enunciating every consonant clearly (again, the Rav was especially careful to demonstrate what he meant by pronouncing each syllable very distinctly). And after a while, you’ll gain confidence.

We should not be afraid to have God leading us to speak His Words.

Php 4:7 OJB And the shalom Hashem [YESHAYAH 26:3; Yn 14:27; Co. 3:15], surpassing all binah (understanding), will guard your levavot and your machshavot (thoughts) in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua.

When we open our heart and soul, the Elohim shall be willing to be with us. God gave us the Spirit of soundness of mind, hence anything contrary is not from God. God’s Voice, when we allow it to enter in us, shall touch us deeply to the very core and shall convict us to a point whereby we cannot deny the truth. We should, with child-like faith accept the Word God speaks onto us and be so pleased with it that we want to share it with our beloved ones around us.



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