Letting the Voice of God providing me with Advanced Weaponry

All our life we must strive for more and more perfection and prepare our way to come in front of our Most High Elohim. Let His Word be the best Guidebook we’ll use every day.

ישראל עד השם אלקיך – Come all the way back to Hashem.

The real teshuva that Hashem wants from you is to come back close to Him. For this reason He has given His Word to mankind, so that they can find the right way to come to Him.

The pursuit of shleimus, the perfection of trying to get close to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, is a life long endeavor.
Moshe Rabeinu tried all his life; and although he succeeded enormously, nevertheless he didn’t fully succeed. Nobody can succeed completely. שובה ישראל עד השם – Come back to Hashem means not merely to stop doing aveiros. Hashem wants you to be perfect, as perfect as you can be. And that perfection means returning to Him by keeping Him before you all the time. All day long. That’s teshuva. 

Parshas Shelach; Let’s Get Practical

Training for Battle with Advanced Weaponry

Every day this week I will begin my practice of bringing the mitzvos eiduyos to life.

Each morning, when I see tzitzis – whether mine, or of someone else – I will think of one of the taryag mitzvos, and I will try to associate that mitzvah with the strings of the tzitzis.

When I am successful, I will move on to another mitzvah.
In this way, seeing the testimonials of Hashem will bring their great principles to my mind.



Bringing over with a voice

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