Back from a long haul

After a long silence, you may find this text out of context, to account for my absence and to draw attention to the events of the war, which we cannot avoid.

Those who have subscribed to be kept informed of new posts will have noticed that it has been quiet here for a long time.

Due to circumstances, I was not able to post articles here, but that will change soon. In a few weeks time, I will be able, again, to write regularly and then I hope to expand on my vision of the Book of Genesis.

A certain Szymon (Szymon Sulgostowsky) had reacted on my article “Polen dat zich boven wet en historische waarheid stelt” and wrote a few minutes after he had sent a first comment accusing me of writing a “biased article”,

 find this article extremely tendentious.:

you’re claiming to be a believer in God and Yeshua but you silence the voice of criticism of your slanderous article, instead of contacting someone from Poland to let you correct your factual errors, you decide to spread untruth. My comment has been awaiting moderation for 9 days. Shame on you.

Though I censor nobody and give everyone the right to react to my writings, I do expect that they write in a polite manner and have patience for me to approve their writing for publication and to answer it.

Perhaps the writer of that remark wanted to hurt me or make me feel guilty of having written an article that would be marked by a tendency in favour of a particular point of view, certainly when he wrote that when he

“had to enlist the number of simply laughable matters taken out of the context, I would perhaps have to write more than an hour.”

Strangely enough when I took the time to answer him on the 13th of February he did not use the time to give a reasonable explanation of where I would have brought laughable matters in that article. I admit that, because of writing from my own point of view it is always possible that others would not agree with what I write. And I am open to that and would respect their findings or opinion as well. But one must know there are also historical facts we may not ignore and should take into account, something this Szymon does not want to do.

In any case not yet fully available to write some new articles I wanted to mention some things we should think about in these days of horror. Therefore, please do find the following article about the war in Ukraine, totally out of the series I was writing about.

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