Jewish life requires action

In Jewish life, actions transmit more than words. Lighting Hanukkah candles; blotting out Haman’s name;
cleaning out the hametz; tashlikh; fasting; dancing with the Torah.
Yes, all of those things come with a story.
And there’s so much more background and history and ideas and textual sources that go along with the story.

But Jewish life requires action. Our tradition wants us to do something,
not just think or talk about it.

God wants you to get off the couch, get out into the world,
and perform a physical action.
And carrying out the actions of Jewish life – Shabbat, kashrut, holiday rituals – is why we are all still here.


It is the mitzvot of Jewish life which bring its value to heart.
We cannot just talk about it; we have to live it.
And God has invited us all to come along.

~ Action is the Goal: Engaging More Jews in Jewish Living – Bo 5783 by Seth Adelson Pittsburgh  modern rabbi


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