Peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquillity may come to you, who has found the way to this humble place of thoughts of a wandering boy.

May I hope all those come along here may carry shalam in their heart, meaning that we all may be safe or complete, and by implication, to be friendly or to reciprocate.

A Yemenite Jew at morning prayers, wearing a k...
A Yemenite Jew at morning prayers, wearing a kippah skullcap, prayer shawl and tefillin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter what your beliefs are about a higher power, I do hope one day you may come to see Who is behind all the things which we do have around us and which we can enjoy. The sunshine, the soft breeze of a refreshing wind, the changing colours in nature, etc. each day that we wake up we are confronted with this world and do we have to tackle so many challenges. Sometimes we would love to see that we could have an easier day. I hope you shall come to understand or to see that when you see the Hand behind this all you may find that He is an eternal Spirit willing to guide all those who want to be under His guidance.

The issues of Judaism, Christianity, Islamism, their search for continued authenticity and relevance for today is a very important issue for people in their faith community, and our own community to wrestle with. For those monotheist religions being pushed in a corner by the atheist and capitalist attitude of this world, might become more difficult to dare to come out for what they believe. In this world, where not many are interested in the Most High Maker Elohim, lots of people may think there is no room for such an unknown, untouchable, unreachable, invisible Omnipotent Supreme Being. But they are wrong to think that One Self-sufficient Being Who cannot be seen would be unreachable. If we really want to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ that Most High, it is possible to come closer to Him and to have the awareness of Him being close by, even giving His Hand to you.

The world may forget why God’s people are so important for this world. The reason that so many more people need to be concerned about the Jewish community is because of God’s continued concern for them throughout the whole Holy Scriptures (the Judaic Bible, the Messianic Bible and the Quran).
There have been many Christians who accused the Jews of killing their leader, though they forget that Jesus , whose real name is Jeshua was himself a Jew who was a master teacher who wanted people to come to know the Way to God. Rabbi Jeshua himself was a man of peace, who wanted his followers to be bringers of peace. Extreme Christian interpretations that allow for anything other than love and hopeful attitudes towards God’s work in the Jewish people have been historically and contemporarily harmful to the relationship and preservation of that group.

All those who really love the Most High Elohim, the Divine Creator of heaven and earth, should be brothers and sisters according to the Love of God, coming under His protection and looking forward to the realisation of the Kingdom of God with Jerusalem as the world’s capital of that Holy Land where all lovers of God shall be united to live in a wonderful world without hate or violence.

11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps...
11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps from Tunisia, found in Iraq: part of the Schøyen Collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All those who want to come close to the Most High should know that the Divine Creator has given His Word to the world. First He provided that men of God wrote down His Words, so that the whole world would not have an excuse they could not find Him or did not know what He wanted from them. God’s Word is translated in more than 3200 languages. All over the world people now can come to read the Hebrew Scriptures for the foundation and fulfilment, not replacement, that they provide to the faith should have to build up for themselves.

With my thoughts and scribbles I would love to bring to this and other websites, I do hope I also may be one of those instruments God is using to bring His Word further into the hearts of lots of people, so that they can be saved to enter the small gate of the Kingdom of God.

I sincerely hope I shall be able to meet you there too.

That the Most High Elohim יהוה may bless you.


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