One Passover tradition asking to provide the less fortunate with foods and help

One Passover tradition asks that if people can afford to, they provide those less fortunate with foods that are eaten during the holiday, like matzah, eggs, chicken or wine.

Poetry and Urban Change

    1. power of Emperor
    2. power of Church
  • no more escape for poets > fight against witches + burning of heretics.
  • Ancientlibraryalex.jpg
    Nineteenth century artistic rendering of the Library of Alexandria by the German artist O. Von Corven, based partially on the archaeological evidence available at that time.

    with making of religion of the Empire, Christianity led to destruction of Library of Alexandria = most famous library of Classical antiquity = Alexandrian Museum (Mouseion, “shrine of the Muses”).

  • astronomy special target of flaming intolerance
  • dark ages > Umayyads, penetrating into Spain, to bring back conscience books of astronomy survived in Arabic translations => Alhambra, palace + fortress of  Moorish monarchs of Granada, Spain = center of full ferment for translations + spread of knowledge.
  • expulsion of Jews + Arabs from Spain,  persecution of Cathars, Waldensians + Albigensians in the whole Europe.
  • All power against wishful thought of poetry > poetry = inextinguishable force. > legacy collected + transmitted through hermetic compositions of alchemists opposed to power of Rome => historical expressions of Reformation +  Enlightenment derived



Where our life journey begins and inheritance of offices of parents

Marranism or the Invisibles

Fondazione M

a fragment from the essay published in Academicus XX:

During the Middle Age and until the Renaissance, power is represented by the two eagles: the power of the Emperor and the power of the Church. There is no more escape for the poets: and the effects is given by the fight against witches, and the burning of heretics. Already with the making of religion of the Empire, Christianity had led to the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and the suppression of the Olympic Games. All the books dealing with astronomy were the special target of the flaming intolerance of the unique power of the two swords. In the dark ages, the uncertain light has been coming through the Umayyads, penetrating into Spain, to bring back that conscience that since the unification of religion and empire, it was been removed in Europe: even considered lost, the books of astronomy survived…

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Where our life journey begins and inheritance of offices of parents

"Our own life journeys begin where the previous generation's journey ends, and this is the case throughout all the generations. This means that our own personal journeys began long ago, "along the Jordan from Beit Yeshimot to Avel Shittim, in the plains of Moav," (ibid 33:49) Israel's final point of departure in the wilderness. Together [...]