Best to read and study the Bible

in this world where not many are interested in God it is better that we make sure more people come to know that it is best to get to know what is written in those very old writings which form the Bible.

When wondering how everything came into being and why we live and for what purpose, we best take up the Bible to read and study it.

English: Home bible study with the help of a b...
Home bible study with the help of a bible teacher. The yellow book seen in the photo is What Does the Bible Really Teach?. Português: Estudo domiciliar da Bíblia com a ajuda do livro Bíblia Ensina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For that reason you shall be able to find several passages of the Sacred Scriptures or Bible being quoted. It is that word that you should take at heart. It are the words of the Bible you should consider as the infallible Word of God which man should follow. It is not the human words or additional notes in several Bible publications or translations that we should consider as part of the Bible and words to follow without doubting them or without examining them. Everything what is said by a human being, and as such also by me, you should compare to what is written black on white in the Holy Scriptures.

Early 15th-century Latin Bible, handwritten in...
Early 15th-century Latin Bible, handwritten in Belgium, on display at Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may count on it that the God of Order wanted to give His Word to mankind in a clear and orderly way. Each phrase in the Book of books can speak for its own and not necessarily needs some explanation by a theologian. When you let the Words of the Bible come to you and are willing to think about them, it shall be God Who is prepared to Guide you and to give you the necessary insight at the right moment in time. You only  have to be patient and count on Him.

English: Readin the Bible.
Reading the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bible is a Book of Life. It has all the treasures and knowledge in it that man does have to know. By reading it regularly and by thinking on what is written in it, you shall be able to get more knowledge and by coming to know the Most High Divine creator of all things better.

If you want to go somewhere with your car, you need fuel. it is the same for your life. If you want to go somewhere, reach some goal, you need enough fuel, the right good energy, the necessary food, otherwise you shall not be able to reach your goal.

To go somewhere you shall need time. To get the right food you shall also need the time to eat it and absorb everything. Going through life we should be aware of it and should place ourselves in the whole matter. It’s important that we take time to reflect upon what happens in this world and how we are fitting in it.

We should come to see the importance of our position in what is happening. We should come to see how things may happen to us and should come to see what or Who is behind everything we can come aware.

English: Personal bible study Português: Estud...
English: Personal bible study Português: Estudo pessoal da bíblia Italiano: Lo studio personale della bibbia Deutsch: Persönliches Bibelstudium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the very old writings, continually reproduced, our present day world also received the Guide Book for all people. It is there for every one to find. But we not only have to see it. We need to read it and we need to think about what is written in it. It is not just a fancy story. It is serious matter which should make us aware of what our purpose is in this world and of what is going to happen in this world. It tells about the past but also about the future. By knowing what is written in it we shall be able to know what happened to this world, why it happened, and what is still going to happen.

When looking at our life and investigating why we are here and what we have to do we best can use a roadmap or comprehensive Guide. At this site I will look at the Best Guide we may find in this world. In future I shall not only look at it and discuss some parts of it. I want to share that infallible Word of God with all those who come along this way.

In future you may find:

  1. Bible-fragments-categoryThe Category “Bible Fragments“: which offers a selection from the different works which we consider may form part of a canonical library of books. Linking to that category may find selected Bible-texts or quotes from The Word of God.
  2. bible-study-book-1156001_1280The Category “Studying the Bible” looks at the Book of books and how we can relate to them. Under that heading you  shall be able to find articles which look into the way how we can study the set apart or Holy Scriptures.
  3. german-bibles-on-shelf-104791_1280The Tag “Bible = Book of books“: where I shall look at the different works of different writers the Almighty had chosen to write down His Words. All matters about those books can be found under this label.
  4. bible-study-bible-love-god-1089968_1280The Tag “Words of the Bible” takes a closer look at sayings or important elements from the Holy Scriptures. Under this label you shall be able to find a list of articles which bring the Words of God and writings of the prophets and the by God chosen writers into the foot-light or under attention.
  5. Torah readingYou shall also be able to find a tag “Reading the Holy Scriptures“. Under this label you can find articles where the matter of reading the Tanakh (Tenakh, Tenak, Tanach) or Mikra or Hebrew Bible [Torah, Nevim (Prophets) and Kethuvim Aleph or First writings] or Old Testament and  the  Messianic Scriptures or New Testament [Kethuvim Bet with the Gospels, the acts of the apostles, the letters of the apostles (or epistles) and the Revelation of the apostle John] shall be discussed.


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