Eight days of sprinkling lights

Tonight the eight days of extra dedication to haElohim started with the commemoration of the victory of the few whose desire for freedom to practice their religion impelled them to battle against great odds and which we should take as an example not to be afraid to show our faith to others..


At the international airport in Brussels Zaventem it is very nice to dee the many little light coming down from the ceiling. It looks like light crystals coming down from heaven. At the connector and when going to the gates one encounters also many Christmas ornaments, like Christmas trees and sledges for Santa Claus. The many pagan symbols want people to remember what sort of special season it is for many.

For us at sundown on Sunday, Dec. 22 (25 Kislev or Chisleu) we also may find ourselves in a grand week of commemoration. Lasting until sundown on Monday, Dec. 30, we afterwards shall not mind celebrating also the new civil year and wish many “Happy New Year”. But before it is that far we shall enjoy eight days of intimate time with the family and with our Bore.

In commemoration of the cleansing of the temple and dedication of the altar by Judas Maccabaeus after their desecration by Antiochus Epiphanes (1 Macc 4:56, 59) a feast was to be kept

“with mirth and gladness.”

2 Macc 10:6, 7 says it was kept like Sukkoth the Feast of the Tabernacles, with the carrying of palm and other branches, and the singing of psalms. Jos calls it “Lights,” from the joy which accompanied it (Ant, XII, vii, 7).

Instituted B.C.E. 164 to commemorate the purging of the temple after its pollution by Antiochus Epiphanes (B.C.E. 167), and the rebuilding of the altar after the Syrian invaders had been driven out by Judas Maccabaeus, we still remember the miracle of Hanukkah that only one vial of oil was found with just enough oil to illuminate the Temple lamp for one day, and yet it lasted for eight full days.

Coin depicting Antiochus IV, Greek inscription reads ΘΕΟΥ ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΝΙΚΗΦΟΡΟΥ / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ (King Antiochus, God Manifest, bearer of victory)

The word hanukkah means “consecration,” “dedication.” And that is what we take at heart. We want to dedicate our being, our work, our all, to the Most High Elohim. We not only think of Antiochus Epiphanes who conducted pagan worship in the temple and Judas Maccabeus cleansing the temple from the pollution of pagan worship. Him making a new sacrificial altar and holy vessels, burned incense on the incense altar, lit the lampstands to give light to the temple, placed bread on the table, and hung new curtains. We consider taking time to think about the way God treated those who wanted to come to Him, even after they had enjoyed many heathen activities. We also think about other dedications of temples like,  that of Solomon (1 Kings 8:2; 2 Chr. 5:3) and the one in the days of Hezekiah (2 Chr. 29), but also  the dedication of the temple after the Captivity (Ezra 6:16), where they came to hada feast for eight days, beginning on the 25th of the month, which was often a period of heavy rains (Ezra 10:9, 13). It was an occasion of much rejoicing and festivity.

Today, being it much warmer than normal, we also have dark rainy days (instead of snow) and find in the darker hours of the day, a pleasant nice warmth in the homely atmosphere. Like so many do, these holidays we come to gather, to have a nice time together and to exchange gifts.

It is lovely to bring these days Shir Hashem with the instruments ordained by Dovid Melech Yisroel. Meeting with family members and with like-minded believers it is great to say prayers together and to show our thankfulness to the Adonai.

Hanukkah’s ongoing significance for us lies in its commemoration of the victory of the few whose desire for freedom to practice their religion impelled them to battle against great odds. After the destruction of the temple in 70 C.E. the feast was observed by the lighting of lamps in private homes, which made it to be known also as the Festival of Lights or “Feast of Lights“.

We also can remember haOhr HaElohim brings to so many of us, wherever we may be, in whatever circumstances we may fare. We can always rely on it that The Most High Divine Creator is willing to give us an ear and an eye. He watches at us and is willing to help us when we are willing to come under Him. By our togetherness we want to show our Most High that we are willing to be united as B’nei Elohim. At the same time we take time to think of the HaOhr HaOlam Hazeh, which is given to the world by the El ʿElyon, and that there always be victory over darkness.

Menorah with burning candles and dreidel. Hanukkah preparations

Let the many flickering lights also be an announcement of joyful days for you.

I wish you a very nice end of 2019 and all the best for 2020.


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