In this time of darkness yearning for God’s presence

Right now, we are in a time of seeking, and there is good reason to yearn for the Qadosh Barukh Hu, El ʿElyon, thirsting for Jehovah the living God, to find our way through the darkness. Those who have tasted the Bore and got that personal relationship with Him, have found that nothing else can satisfy their souls but Him.

It is that yearning, the ancient Jewish desire for God’s presence
in time of need,
which helps us be better people,
which will ultimately guide us through the liminality of this moment.We need the sense of Divine action in the world,
even if we cannot easily perceive it.We need the sense that help is on the way,
even as we struggle with one another,
and we have to hold ourselves together in the meanwhile,
to find our way through the darkness.We wait eagerly for the dawn,
and as we continue searching for our soul,
we can reassure ourselves that we are not alone.

That it is going to be OK.

~ Rabbi Seth Adelson – Seeking God in this Liminal Moment – Toledot 5783 rabbiseth




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One thought on “In this time of darkness yearning for God’s presence

  1. Hi There @immanuel, thank you for linking to the post from my blog. It makes me happy to know that people are reading what the Lord has placed on my heart; and to appreciate it as much as I do ❤

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