Micha Gamerman’s Chanuka Medley

A fun medley about a small but nice get-together

Brazilian singer Micha Gamerman is back with his sixth and final animated music video. He started with the Purim Medley and followed it with Pesach, Shavout, Yamim Noroim Medley and most recently the Sukkot Medley off his latest hit album Moadei Yisrael Im Micha Gamerman. In the four week’s since its release, the animated video garnered over 186,336 views on Youtube alone.

With the holiday of Chanukah already here, Micha released his new video the “Chanuka Medley” which is sure to thrill both kids and adults alike. The medley was arranged by the talented duo of Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry.

Moadei Yisrael Im Micha Gamerman consists of six medleys, one for each of the major chagim; Purim, Pessach, Shavuot, Yamim Noraim (Rosh Hashana/Yom Kipur), Sukot and Chanuka. This album has so much energy and flavor that the Chaguim come alive for everyone, both young and old.


2 thoughts on “Micha Gamerman’s Chanuka Medley

  1. A re-write and clarification of the ideas proposing a Constitutional Torah Republic.

    My Rav taught me early on that this Chag Hanukkah teaches the k’vanna of lighting the lights as a dedication not to assimilate or intermarry with Goyim; the most basic interpretation of the commandment from Sinai not to worship other Gods. Practically and intellectually meaning, the basis of study of the Torah … limit all interpretations of the T’NaCH to the Oral Torah logic system. Do not permit the “Dark Side of the Force” – a reference to alien Greek logic formats developed by Plato and Aristotle – to seduce you away from this Oral Torah dedication and commitment.

    Bunk on the assimilated Reform “Tikun Olam תיקון עולם. As if these ignorant uneducated fools, who assume that they possess the wisdom to repair the Planet. Idiots like these arrogant folk, their reputation: to chase after the opinions of a 13-year-old girl and believe the worthless hype known as “Climate Change”. Monotheism violates the 2nd Sinai commandment. Islam avoda zarah – strict Monotheists. Yet their koran never once brings the Name of HaShem – the first Sinai commandment. They in point of fact, duplicate the sin of the golden calf committed by Aaron. They translated the Name (((This the living Spirit breathed within Man which caused, according to the Torah aggaditah, clay to become living life.))) to a word – Allah. Just as Aaron’s golden calf translated the Name unto the word אלהים. The Gospel of John likewise pervert the HaShem Spirit into word… the definition of the 2nd Sinai commandment. Avodah zarah continually attempts to pronounce the Name of the Gods.

    The Torah commands the din of כרת for those who attempt to grammatically pronounce the Name of HaShem according to its letters. Israel has a brit with HaShem. Brit does not translate into covenant, as declare the new testament and koran avoda zarah forgeries. Brit means “alliance”. As in the alliance sworn by the 12 Tribes of Yaacov to form the Republic of Israel.

    The American “Republic” split into warring States – the Civil War – over the issue whether States had the right to join or leave the Union of the Republic. Lincoln viewed the States as being on par with counties within a State. The States Rights proponents of the Confederacy lean upon how Jefferson understood the rights of the States; that States had the freedom to both join the Union and/or leave the Union. This comparison, an interesting parallel. Based upon the Southern States Rights, Jeffersonian democracy, who advocated the idea of “Freedom” as meaning: a concept remarkably similar to that of the Hanukkah revolt. Specifically, the idea that States enjoy internal domestic economic freedom from over-site or regulation from Carpet bagger Federal bureaucrats sent to sniff the butts of the States of the Union.

    The Commerce Clause mandates power to the Federal Government to regulate Inter-State trade but not Intra-State trade. Post-Civil War the victorious “Damned Yankees” sought to change the American experiment away from a Republic unto a Democracy. The Hanukkah war against the Syrian Greeks, the latter sought to pervert Jerusalem into a Greek polis City State. The assimilated 1% Tzeddukim/Sadducees supported this type of Banana Republic status relationship. The Persians, and later Greeks both imposed a Banana Republic system by which the empire drained the resources of conquered territories like Judea. These empires used this 1% of assimilated Kapo Jewry to manage the Judean territories for the benefit of their respective Empires.

    The United States treated many South American countries as banana republics. The P’rushim rejected the Kapo Tzeddukim assimilated Cohonim. The Book of Maccabees tells this tale. In similar fashion, the Confederate States rejected Lincolns perversion of Jeffersonian democracy. And post-Civil War Confederate States dismissively referred to Federal bureaucrats sent to regulate intra-State trade and commerce as ‘Carpet Baggers’. Establishment of a Constitutional Torah Republic: such an institution promises to heal the current Secular/Religious divide which has conflicted Jews, prior to Israeli Independence in the wars fought in 1948 & 1967.

    Wisdom the ability to discern like from like. For example: מלאכה from עבודה. What’s the difference between these two similar verbs? Shabbat observance not to do forbidden מלאכה on the day of Shabbat as opposed to the negative commandments not to do forbidden עבודה on the 6 days of Chol; another term which also means shabbat. A person who lacks the ability to discern, not wise – just that simple. Therefore, wisdom exists as the ability to discern like from like.

    The Jerusalem Post reports: “The most widely accepted proposal for amending the Law of Return is the annulment of the “grandchild clause,” such that the non-Jewish grandchild of a Jewish grandfather would not be able to immigrate to Israel, or at least would not be able to do so without his parents or the Jewish grandfather. One “secular” critic: Ruth Gavison, a professor of law at Hebrew University and a former candidate for the Israel Supreme Court. In an 86-page paper, The Law of Return at Sixty Years: History, Ideology, Justification – – she recommends revisiting the Grandparent Clause as “too broad.” She also suggests amending the Law of Return to not grant automatic citizenship to olim (immigrants).”

    The chief cornerstone upon which a Jewish Constitutional Republic stands: A) The Written Torah ie first 4 Books of the Torah, to function as the Written Constitution of the Israeli Republic of economically autonomous States of the Union, based upon the oath alliance by which first Commonwealth Israel forges a Republic among the 12 Tribes. B) The establishment of lateral Common Law Courtrooms based upon the mandate of these Sanhedrin Courts to conduct ‘Legislative Review’ or משנה תורה over laws passed by the Knesset or any other type of Jewish government across all States of the Republic.

    Oral Torah common law rejects the Statute Law assimilation as a perversion of the Torah in both substance and form. Whereas statute law as embodied in the Rambam, Asher & Karo statute halachic codifications emphasizes the importance of forms of ritual, expressed through their assimilated and therefore skewed idea of the halachic definition, as the substance of Law. Oral Torah common law courts learn Aggaditah as the basis to glean the k’vanna of Prophetic T’NaCH mussar. And employ this Prophetic mussar as the k’vanna of all ritual halachic observances.

    Oral Torah makes distinction between substance from form. The substance of Common Law Courts prioritizes the authority of the T’NaCH prophetic mussar and the Mishna over the authority of the halachot learned from the Amoraim Gemara secondary sources. Statute halachah endeavours to impose a restricted definition of halacha upon all Jews as “the” Torah inheritance of religious Jewish People. This foreign assimilation fails to recognize the primary authority of any Mishna as a Primary source over any later Gemara secondary source.

    All the later commentaries made on the assimilated Statute halachic codifications fail to study the halachah included after the B’hag, Rif, and Rosh codes as precedent halachot, intended to understand the k’vanna its Mishnaic Primary Source.

    Furthermore, Oral Torah Common Law rejects any such artificial Orthodox monopoly over the Torah inheritance all Israel received at Sinai. Based upon the Mishna of Sanhedrin, which teaches that all Israel have a portion in the World to Come; the oath brit faith of Avram cut upon the souls of his future born generation chosen Cohen seed. The term “chosen” excludes the seed of Ishmael and Esau.

    The Talmud learns that the mitzva of tifillah exists as the נמשל of the Torah korbanot משל. Just as the Cohen inheritance: not restricted solely to the House of Aaron, and the mitzva of Moshiach not restricted to either houses of king Shaul or king David. So too and how much more so: the “chosen people” metaphor, not restricted to Orthodox Jews who foolishly follow assimilated Roman Law halachic codifications – – a direct violation of the Torah negative commandment not to worship other Jesus/Allah Gods.

    This most basic discernment separates the wisdom of distinguishing between Like from Like; the Universal false faiths dogma Creed place Monotheism on a pedestal. But Monotheism violates the 2nd Sinai Commandment.

    The vision of the Torah as a Constitutional Republic. This visionary Republic not at all the same thing as a democracy. The difference between the two political concepts: 180 degrees poles apart. A contrast to one another as the Athens democracy, which forced Socrates to drink hemlock … from the First Israelite Republic which forges 12 Tribes into one nation, commonly referred to as the first Commonwealth/Republic.

    In a word: the distinction between these similar terms: Republic vs. Democracy, leans upon the miracle lights of Hannukah, and/or between the subtle distinction between a skilled מלאכה – wisdom from an unskilled עבודה – slavery. A Torah Constitutional Republic ideal, currently exists only as a vision, as yet not a historical fact. The k’vanna of the clause תמיד מעשה בראשית repeated twice in the opening blessing of the morning kre’a shma.

    Slavery in ancient Egypt, or as it existed in 18th & 19th Century South America or the Confederate States of America, qualifies as a historical fact and not a vision of faith. The Confederate States of America lost its struggle to achieve national Independence in a terrible war brother against brother. I can no more condemn an agriculturally based Confederate economy which depended and relied upon slavery to produce National wealth, than do i condemn Nazi Germany or Chamberlains appeasement or Pope Pius XII self-catered vanity to protect the interests of the Catholic church as his morality of choice.

    The respective perverse hatred which condemned Jews, for the bitter Boxcar Versailles Treaty dictate, Chamberlain/Hitler dictate which destroyed Czech freedom, and the Nazi/Pius dictate which surrendered the Jews of Rome to war crimes crematorium. 10 Downing Street and Pius Rome both worked together as allies of Hitler. Let others vainly condemn these dead bastard sub-human animals.

    This visionary Jewish political movement, which seeks to establish a Torah Constitutional Republic, condemns present day antisemitism as the sole fault of the Jewish people who have assimilated to cultures and customs of Goyim nations who have NEVER accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai at Horev. This “cardinal” sin compares to the Apostle Paul’s Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden. Assimilation to alien cultures, customs, manners, styles, and ways practiced by foreign Goyim, this defines the eternal Sin, known as the golden calf — throughout the generations.

    I live today. Condemning Cowards whom history has swept upon the dung heaps of history accomplishes NOTHING, changes NOTHING, teaches no mussar …. Vanity, Vanity, All Is Vanity. Rather such tumah based emotional anger, it only invites other cruel cowards to deny the Shoah today in order to promote antisemitism again and again and again. Torah commands mussar strictly and only to living generations today; it rejects history as a perversion of faith. The historical Books in the T’NaCH merely employ history as a medium to teach mussar. The Aggadita and Midrashim in similar manner employ stories to teach prophetic mussar.

    The corruption of history for history’s sake, this critical error of education, it invites revisionist historical perversion of past events. Revisionist history without shame calls day night and night day. Many Goyim express this debased immoral vanity, after only one or two generations removed, they deny that the Shoah war crimes.

    Such cowards, they lack the moral spine to accept, much less so, take responsibility for the actions of their previous criminal government leaders. You cannot make a silk purse from the ear of a sow pig, a Holocaust denier. Torah mussar therefore limits the scope of its mussar to a simple premise: a bird in hand, worth two in the bush. Torah mussar rejects the topic of history. The latter subject has no share in Torah faith. The Talmud does employ Aggadic “history” stories.
    But Aggaditah learns these history stories as a means to glean prophetic mussar from T’NaCH Primary Sources. The editors of the Talmud then combined these Aggadic history stories together with halachic ritual observances.

    Therefore, who bears FULL responsibility for the Shoah abomination? My People. The Jewish People who assimilated and intermarried and embraced Goyim cultures, traditions, customs, manners, and ways. This avoda zarah rejects the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev.

    Tractate Avoda Zarah teaches that all Goyim macro-societies, they forever reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and at Horev. Jewish worship of idolatry/avoda zarah\ defines the sin of the Golden Calf for all generations. This av tumah, it caused Jewish g’lut. The defeat and fall of the 1st and 2nd Republics before the armies of the Babylonians and the Romans; this av tumah avoda zarah qualifies as the first cause for Shoah, and all antisemitism today.

    Pointing fingers at sub-human Goyim leaders and slime hate driven racial cowards simply does not interest Torah mussar. Based upon the premise that HaShem created the world for his chosen Cohen people. We bear full responsibility, not them, for the av tumah crime of avoda zarah.

    Those vile Nazi criminals do not live today. Therefore, its the objective purpose of post Shoah Jewry to persuade our people living today – to abandon the av tumah crimes – assimilation and intermarriage. Herein defines the substance of responsibility to keep and maintain the Torah faith.

    This the eternal golden calf of the Jewish people, Jewish assimilation and intermarriage, merits absolute condemnation by my person in particular, and the Torah Constitutional Republic as a movement – in general. Mussar applies strictly and only to the Jewish people alone. No religion professed by Goyim, loudly proclaimed as truth … the Universal faith in One God etc etc etc, ever taught mussar as the pillar of Torah faith. Only a minority of Jewish rabbis today teach prophetic mussar as the k’vanna, the substance of Torah faith to rule the conquered lands of Canaan with lateral common law justice.

    Goyim, and most Jews do not even know the meaning of the word mussar. Therefore, why condemn sub-human barbarians for their crimes against humanity, when the civilizations which produced these sub-human barbarians, they all do not possess the least bit of a clue what mussar means? Jewish avodah zarah releases av tumah spirits into the world which distorts and corrupts the souls of Goyim to rage racial hatred and slanders. Such vanity to foist the blame of antisemitism upon Goyim, this failure to address the first cause of all hatred directed against Jews compares to the cruelty of beating animals, due to their inability to understand human languages.


  2. Thank you very much for reacting on the post with comical video about a serious matter.

    Your Rav taught you rightly that this Chag Hanukkah teaches the k’vanna of lighting the lights as a dedication not to assimilate or intermarry with Goyim; the most basic interpretation of the commandment from Sinai not to worship other Gods.

    Concerning HaShem or “the Name”, it is not another God, but One and the Same Who is One and not two or three. So those who worship That One Eternal Being or not duplicating the sin of the golden calf committed by Aaron, because first of all they shall not kneel down in front of statues or pictures of any god, also never making graven images of their God or other gods to worship in front.

    The Elohim Himself says we shall not have any other gods before us than Him Alone.

    “You shall have no other gods before me.” (Ex 20:3 KJBPNV)


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