Purification and perfection

14 Nisan approaching , we can go over to look how two Biblical figures in the name of God have led people and now lead them to God’s promised land.

Coming closer to 14 Nisan it is our task to look for the lessons behind the Passover, the liberation of the People of God and exodus from Egypt as well as the liberation of each individual in this corrupt world.

Anthony de Mello may have said that

It is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for Truth, in which alone it finds liberation and delight, the first reaction of human beings to Truth is one of hostility and fear! {Anthony de Mello}

Man had several occasions where he was filled by fear and agony. More than once man found himself in situations where his freedom was limited. But man is also limited by his own limitations and flaws.

These days are the ideal hours to take time to think about our position in this world and where we want to stand and want to go.

IMG_3257A stumbling spiritual pilgrim on his way from here to somewhere as a recovered addict, US Navy Veteran, knows that everything he has experienced and is experiencing is allowing him to learn and share his gifts to all that have reason to be at his place (but perhaps also here).

From his  experience all of his suffering and emotional pain is the result of his resistance to what is. {Perfection} It is that resistance against the Bore what has brought a lot of suffering to mankind.  The Bnei Yisroel had to learn that by a lot of shame and with a lot of inner struggles.

Is there such a thing or is it something we’re programmed to attempt that is unattainable? {Perfection}

is what jeffw5382 asks himself.

The Bo’re wants us to come to see His creation and to come close to Him. After what went wrong in the Gan Eden he was willing to provide a solution for mankind to come across the penalty of death. He has sent His only begotten son to make sure people would have it easier to come to know Him. That sent one from God showed that each individual should be in state to create for himself or herself a condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

The writer of “Are you so certain” feels like all must be allowed to have the truth revealed to us in our own time, which is wildly different for each one of us. He should know that the Bore is willing to give time to each person to develop in his or her own rhythm.

But the Elohim has given many voices to the world to call unto people. The Hashem gave many nevi’im or prophets to the world, who gave warnings to the people in their time, but also gave warnings for in later times. Today we still can read the scrolls of those nevi’im to learn from. They pointed the way to a prophet who managed to show the world what is the way to perfection. That man of flesh and blood was there willing to help and to come up for all those that truly cannot help themselves and dare not to speak.

These days we remember how Moshe tried to lead his people and at the same time we look at the other prophet who this time did not ask to kill the little lambs, but offered himself as a Lamb before God. That sent one from God is the one who shows us the way to God and gives us many ingredients to come to be a better being. He gives us the tools to come to the best purification we can get from ourselves and from him, because he cleanses us and guides us to the promised land and to the gates of the coming Kingdom of God.

These coming days let us have a look how Moshe led his people through the dessert and how Jeshua led people through the dessert and still carries us over the waters and difficult places.



At the Shabbat HaChodesh: readings about blood, liberation and purification


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