Scattered, broken, thwarted reflection of God

Nature and everything in it was in a perfect natural peaceful balance. By the wrong choice made by the first human beings there came a crack in perfection and in the relationship between the Creator and other creatures.

Being created in the image of God the human beings could find in themselves a reflection of God. they also could find it in their surroundings.

The Elohim from the beginning of times had a Plan and man was one of the main figures in His Plan. To the human beings He was willing to reveal Himself. It was the righteousness of Elohim Which revealed His creation, by His Word having brought ohr or light out of darkness. First there was ‘nothingness‘ or Tohu va vohu (formlessness + void) and no ungodliness, but now man in their aim to become like God had rebelled against Him and brought ungodliness in the world. What may be known of Elohim is manifest in the human beings, the living souls; because Elohim has showed it to them. Even the invisible things of the Most High from the creation of the universe were clearly seen, being understood by the things that were made, even His Age-Lasting power and Divinity; so that man would be without excuse.

Romans 1:20-21 OJB For his invisible characteristics from the Bri’at HaOlam (the creation of the world) are perceived intellectually in the things which have been created; that is, both his eternal ko’ach and Elohut are discernable. So Bnei Adam have no terutz (excuse) and are inexcusably culpable (before an angry G-d), (21) Because, even though they in actual fact knew G-d, they did not ascribe Him kavod (glory) as G-d or give hodayah (thanksgiving) to Him, but became filled with hevel (futility, vanity, emptiness, worthlessness) in their thinking, and their senseless levavot were darkened.

The chavah or isha Eve must have known her and her husbands Maker, though they probably would not have seen Him, because man can not see God and live (except when it would have been possible for man to see God before the fall). For sure they could feel His presence.

Exodus 33:20 OJB And He said, Thou canst not see My face; for there shall no adam see Me, and live.

Also the ish who was made from the red ha’aretz or dust of the globe, knew very well What or Who made Him and what His Wishes and Plan were for him and his isha. They knew what they had received and what task could fill their life in a beautiful peaceful Royal Garden, the Gan Eden.

The first human creatures made by the Elohim,  knew Him  but had come to doubt His position as the Almighty and did come not to glorify him as Elohim. Both showed that they did not respect their Maker. Neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

Adam and Eve had to know that the universe belongs to God. all the things around them were magnificent and were like they should have been, because each time God had created it He looked at it and found it good, saying that it was tov.

Genesis 1:4 OJB And Elohim saw the light, that it was tov (good); and Elohim divided the ohr (light) from the choshech (darkness).

Genesis 1:12 OJB And the earth brought forth vegetation, and herb yielding zera (seed) after its kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after its kind; and Elohim saw that it was tov (good).

Genesis 1:18 OJB And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness; and Elohim saw that it was tov.

Genesis 1:21 OJB And Elohim created great sea creatures, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth in abundance, after their kind, and every winged fowl after its kind; and Elohim saw that it was tov.

The Elohim had seen the hashomayim (the heavens, Himel) and haaretz (the earth), first in tohu vavohu but then having it ordered and having the ohr coming unto it so that choshech (darkness) was lifted up. Having in the universe raki’a (expanse, dome, firmament) and having mayim (waters) with its sea creatures, and every species of moving animals which the waters produced according to their kinds, and every winged flying creature according to kind. And every time God saw that they were good, so we may count on it that everything was according His wishes and that everything was great. Therefore man could face a nature which was good because it was God’s work.

We too still can see in that nature the Hand of God. By looking around us in the fields, hills, mountains and in the air, we should see that there is Some One behind that all Who is much mightier than any man.

The Woman, Her Reflection And The Snake
Rabirius a master in digital artistry and photography captured a “Woman, Her Reflection And The Snake” which brought more than one person to think about Eve. The picture he made lets us think of the chavah who was taken by the Nachash (deception or temptation = snake or serpent) and in her deceit went so far to go against the Wish of God by eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, in the hope to become like God.

Though because of the wrong steps taken by the first man and woman, that beautiful nature with them came under a curse. At first the ish and isha were complete beings without any problems and no shortcomings. But by their free choice to go in against the Wish of God not to touch the Tree of knowledge, their rebellion brought a harsh penalty over them.

When they became expelled from the Gan and had to take care of their own life, having to hunt and work for their food, plants and animals came threatened by man’s search for sufficient food. Before they ate from the fruit of the tree they had not to worry about searching carefully or thoroughly for something to eat. From the fall of man people or animals had to protect themselves against the other who could go for them. Both had nowt to hunt, having to chase and kill wild animals for food and some man enjoying it so much they also went to do it as a sport. For their hunt some also started burning land and doing damage to the environment.

It became clear by the free choice man made to eat from the Tree of knowledge of good and bad evil had made its entrance in nature and the relationship between the creatures and between its Maker was broken.

Originally nature must have been perfect and must have been reflecting great beauty and the mighty work of God’s Hands. Today we still can see a shade of nature. Nothing is like it was at the beginning of times. No perfection any more. We are only seeing universe with nature in a ‘fallen state’.

From the moment the isha wanted to see God in her reflection, her rebellion made her take distance from the Elohim and was made subject to the vagrancy of nature.

Having been created by the Most Highest to live in the beauty and surroundings God made, He still looks forward for man to repent and to return to Him.  Each individual has the free choice, like Adam and Eve had. As Ben HaAdam we have got to hear the promise of the Elohim He will provide a solution against the curse of death. Mavet or death itself shall be part of man’s life. That with the bearing of pain is the penalty for the choice made in the Gan. for us, and when He made it all, it was His intent that we would live in it, in relationship with Him.

The laceration brought by their choice had Adam and Eve to face a totally different world they previously had lived in. Their offspring now came also under the same spell as they and had to work for life, make the best out of it and had to work to be close to God. And as we shall see in following postings that was not and is not always easy.


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