How to Read the Bible (sequel 3)

The many ancient books brought together as one unit are still relevant today. They are the best teaching tool and self-help book for life we can have. We only have to find a way to make time and to find a good way to read the Bible regularly, so that we can transform ourselves in the right way filled with positive expectations. For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.


A Book about God written for us all

Though there are many issues of controversy and concern in the modern age that are not directly mentioned in the Bible we are able to find answers to them in the most sacred book of all times.

English: By Rembrandt.
the apostle Paul by Rembrandt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nearly two thousand years ago the Jewish rabbi Saul of Tarsus, today better known as the apostle Paul wrote to the Roman community

Romans 15:4 (TS98)
4 For whatever was written before was written for our instruction, that through endurance and encouragement of the Scriptures we might have the expectation.

Today, many may think the Bible was written to others and has no value for us today. Even when those writings are so old, they are still valuable today. When you want to take time to listen to those words you shall find that those ancient words shall also speak to you.

You shall come to see that Scripture frequently provides general truths that are broadly applicable to a variety of situations. The book of books brings an overview of human history, the way people related to other people and to nature and to the Maker of everything.  The Bestseller of all times leaves it to us to discern how the advice given in those old writings should be applied.
In Matthew 22:21, rabbi Jeshua says to give back to “Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” Rather than giving us a list of what belongs to God and what is due the government, Jesus expects us to use godly wisdom to apply this general rule and work out the details for ourselves.

Each time we go reading in that ancient piece of literature we should remember that when it was written there was an other way of speaking than today. When not speaking the original languages of those works, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, you should try to come to understand the expressions of those times and of those people. You should come to see when idioms are used and what they mean. No matter what language you speak,even when there is no translation of the set-apart Scriptures, you should be able to find some good Bible translation in a language you should be able to understand.

Gerard Dou - Reading the Bible - WGA06644
Gerard Dou – Reading the Bible – WGA06644 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may come to read one book after the other, or may come to read them at random. You may follow a reading plan. Whatever way you choose to explore the Bible best is to make sure you cover the whole book. Some may find it easier to follow when they use plans that match certain books together to give more of a chronological feel to the reading. I would recommend to make sure that you try to read the Bible once a year at least, with some portions read multiple times.

When focussing on a certain Bible book and letting yourself be carried away by the main subject you might find such an intense reading can be transformative.

You also could take up the book and let it fall open. Then reading that part as a matter of a devotional act for the day – in order to get a spiritual boost for that day. In such case remember that devotionalism is a way of reading Scripture for a lift rather than for truth. It’s reading the Bible as a self-help book designed to give you nuggets to get you through the day. When you do that, do not forget to take up the Bible in the evening to continue your daily portion of bible reading, which goes from one chapter into the next chapter.

I do know that there is so much else that is good to read and each of us has lots of things to read each day. Do know when reading the Bible it shall not take so much time as the other books. And when accustomed to the language of the Bible you shall even notice that your reading shall go smoother.

Naturally it shall be a choice every one has to make. How much time do you want to spend at reading the Bible, which would be the same as listening to the Most High HasHem. When you love somebody intense, I am sure it would not take any effort to read the letters of that loved one. The same for the Words of God, the Bible, which are His letters to mankind.

The Bible is God His letter to the world. It are letters about Him but addressed to you and me, and all those around us. When reading them you shall notice how they draw you in.

Your challenge is always to reapply Scripture afresh, time over and over again, because God’s purpose is always to rescript your life.



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14 thoughts on “How to Read the Bible (sequel 3)

    1. Shalom,

      Like you write in one of your postings “life is precious”. We also should be aware that it is very short. When we are young it may look like it takes a lot of time and it takes ages before we get some where. some things may look an eternity. Coming from eternity we do have to go to eternity and may not become blinded by all the things that go on in this world.

      “Always believing that each brilliant morning” we can get some transformation to go from boy into man we have to be patient and willing to grow by teachings we can hear around us and have to look for guidance which can bring us far away. Too many people forget that they are given a free Guidebook which shows them all the swamps and pitfalls in this world and gives directions for the shortest and fastest ways to get somewhere.

      That Guidebook, the Bible should be our most precious book. In it we can find most answers to our many questions.
      Let us make use of it as much as we can.

      God bless.

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